Upcoming Events

Welcome to CVTC 2018 calendar of events.

This page will be continually updated as information is updated.
If you are a CVTC member and wish to volunteer for any position(s) below, feel free to contact
the CVTC board at cvtcboard@yahoogroups.com

Spring TDX

Kinnickinnick State Park

Sunday – May 6, 2018


Judges: Tony Ginter and Fran Smith
Chair: Dan Kilbury
Secretary: Robin Kilbury
Head Tracklayer: Kati Green
Hospitality: Dan Kilbury


Spring VST

UW River Falls Campus

Sunday – June 3, 2018


Judges: Marge Schultz and Lois Leidahl-Marsh
Chair: Kati Green
Secretary: Denise Peck
Head Tracklayer: Kati Green
Hospitality: Needed


Getting Started in AKC Tracking Seminar

Shamrock Park, Shoreview

Saturday – June 9, 2018



Fall TDU Certification

Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center

Sunday – September 23, 2017

Judge: Marge Schultz
5 Track Certification Test Seminar


Fall TDX

Sunday – October 21, 2017

Judges: TBD
Chair: Needed
Secretary: Needed
Head Tracklayer: Needed
Hospitality: Needed