Hospitality Procedures

Make plans for four meals. Breakfast and lunch for track plotting day. Breakfast and lunch for test day.

Check with head track layer to determine number of track layers and worker bees there will be on the plotting day. Add to that 2 judges, test secretary, yourself plus a couple more for good measure. On test day add to this the number of entrants plus a couple more for spectators. You should be close in planning the amount of food to prepare.

There is an Event Tote stocked with  enough supplies to handle a normal weekend event. Please restock from backup inventory from storage locker, prepping it for the next event. Please tell a board member if any backup stock needs replenishing. Event Tote contents should already be stocked from last event.

There is also at least one folding table that can be brought to the test site. The rest of the tables needed, you will have to bring (I borrow card tables). If you have room in your vehicle, bring some extra folding chairs.

Once you have decided your menu and know the number of people—decide what you are willing to prepare yourself and what you would like help with. Then get online and ask the members to help you out. You will be surprised how willing everyone is to help out in this area. Not only does it make the job easier for you, but it is less the club has to buy.

Things to consider asking for: desserts, breakfast rolls, pop, bottled water (in a cooler on ice, if possible), orange juice and for sure COFFEE. Get several people each day to bring a thermos or two of coffee.

If the weather will be warm, have someone bring a large cooler of water. This is necessary to have for the dogs.

Make this as simple or elaborate as you want. Use your imagination and have fun!

The club budgets $100 for each event, This is to buy food, drinks and coffee. Not for paper supplies (See Event Tote contents above)